In October 2015, the Society of Lateral Access Surgery (SOLAS®) gained non-profit status in The Netherlands and officially started its transition into an independent organization. In our first year, the Board of Directors dedicated thousands of hours to define the vision and direction of the organization. In 2017 their focus was placed on creating organizational systems for mission implementation. With a steadfast effort SOLAS began to breathe life into its mission, accomplishing considerable growth in 2017 as outlined below.


  • Implemented the largest annual meeting to date – exceeding 165 attendees
  • Produced three regional meetings:
    • Asia Pacific – Sydney (September)
    • Japan – Tokyo (December)
    • North America – New York City (December)
  • Hosted symposia or educational programming:
    • Latin America – COLUNA – Rio (April)
    • EMEA – Milan (May)
    • NSpine – EMEA (June)
    • Eurospine (October)


  • Funded $100,000 in research grants
  • Began literature reviews


  • Surveyed the membership
  • Increased the value proposition
  • Expanded the benefits of membership


  • Hired a full-time Executive Director
  • Created and implemented membership dues
  • Built systems to support the business functions

In addition to meetings and symposia, SOLAS is targeting a number of additional objectives with sustainability and growth in mind. Amidst continued expansion of lateral access systems in the marketplace and the increased interest in lateral access as an MIS option, SOLAS committed to $300,000 in research grants for 2018. SOLAS members have also encountered an improved online experience with the introduction of a new website, online educational programming, increased engagement opportunities, and expanded professional profiles. All of this as SOLAS continues to focus on membership recruitment and increasing our marketing efforts to promote LAS research and education.