The SOLAS® Global Research Committee will define the research structure and direction under which the regional research committees conduct, present, and publish pre-clinical and clinical research.


  • Create and implement guidelines and policies under which the SOLAS Research Committee will operate.
  • Create process for review and approval of all SOLAS research proposals. 
  • Identify research questions that lead to meaningful answers and result in valuable scientific publications.
  • Review and approve all SOLAS research protocols.
  • Evaluate and prioritize study proposals from the membership.
  • Engage membership in the development of the SOLAS Annual Meeting program, and any other research-related events.
  • Update and govern the content of the following Society policies: 
    • SOLAS Authorship Guidelines.
  • Ensure content of research programs is consistent with recommendations set forth by the Technology Advisory Group.
  • Facilitate regional and global collaboration to encourage exchange and sharing of ideas and initiatives. 
  • Generate funding for research specific initiatives.