The SOLAS® Global Membership Committee is responsible for building value and awareness of the SOLAS brand and membership programs.


  • Create and implement guidelines and policies under which the SOLAS Membership Committee will operate.
  • Implement regional Membership Committees to define, implement, and manage membership application requirements and process from application submission to regional committee vote.
  • Create and promote member program that encourages contribution and provides value through member benefits.
  • Grow global membership with goal to expand and engage in emerging global markets.
  • Maintain accurate records of membership and recommend prospective new members to the Board of Directors.
  • Define and clearly communicate how members may become more involved in various Society committees.
  • Express the concerns of the membership on Society policies, programs, and benefits.
  • Promote events aimed to connect members.
  • Maintain SOLAS brand standards and ensure representation is consistent globally.
  • Facilitate member communication, newsletters, and other sources for clinical member collaboration.
  • Advise the Board of Directors on the priorities, focus, and scope of the Society’s efforts to influence policy decisions that affect patient care.
  • Express the concerns of the membership on societal and policy trends in spinal care.
  • Provide regular communications and drive action of SOLAS membership on relevant topics through the Society website and other mechanisms.
  • Generate funding for Membership specific initiatives.
  • Facilitate regional and global collaboration to encourage exchange and sharing of ideas and initiatives.