To fully advance lateral spine surgery, and ultimately SOLAS’ mission, the organization funds physician initiated research studies with the goal of finding new and innovative surgical procedures utilizing the lateral approach.

As many as four (4) grants are given out annually at a maximum of $25,000 each.

If you have a new and novel idea or concept in or around lateral access surgery please consider applying for a SOLAS Research Grant.

There will be one application intake per year. Please check back when those dates are announced.

All applicants will be invited to attend the respective meeting where the winners will be announced. The authors should be prepared to present their research at the Annual Meeting, with the winners receiving 5 minutes to do so.  Winners will be required to provide updates at the Annual Meeting each spring until research is complete.

Funds will be distributed on a timeline: 
(50%) at signature/agreeing to our terms 
(25%) at mid-point with a report required 
(25%) at completion of research with final report submitted to SOLAS and proof of manuscript submission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Funds may only be distributed to active SOLAS Members. An active SOLAS member must be listed as the Principal Investigator OR as a Co-Investigator.