Annual SOLAS Meeting Cadaver Course


An optional Cadaver Course is being offered at the 12th Annual SOLAS Meeting in Miami, FL. The cost is $299. This registration form ONLY applies to this course. If you would like to attend the full meeting, please visit the Attendee Registration page.

Saturday, May 18
13:00 - 17:00

Station #1 - Zimmer Biomet Versatile Lumbar Interbody Fusion -  Simplify your transpsoas and oblique* approach with the versatile Timberline™ Lateral Retractor System and Walter Surgical Assist Arm. *validated at the 4/5 disc space
Faculty:  Hieu Ball, MD
Description:   Join Dr. Hieu Ball as he demystifies the oblique and transpsoas approach utilizing the versatile Timberline™ Lateral Retractor System by Zimmer Biomet. Dr. Ball will guide you through multiple levels of both lateral approaches, highlighting the importance of pre-op image assessment, tips on access, the orthogonal maneuver, and more.  
Sponsor:  Zimmer Biomet 

Station #2 – L4-S1 X360™ Surgery Featuring LessRay Integration
Faculty:  Dr. Alex Thomas
Description:  Showcasing the core components of NuVasive’s X360 system; Dr. Thomas will walk through the optimized surgical workflow for a L4-S1 Lateral Single-Position Surgery while integrating technology throughout the procedure.
Sponsor:  NuVasive

Station #3: Accessing L5-S1 in Lateral Position with the OLIF51 Procedure
Faculty:  Dr. Sean Keem
Description:  The OLIF51 Procedure is essentially a laterally-positioned traditional ALIF retroperitoneal approach with less dissection and a smaller incision.  Join Dr. Sean Keem for a step-by-step overview of how to approach the retroperitoneal anatomy and his tips and tricks for performing OLIF51 at L5-S1 without an access surgeon. 
Sponsor:  Medtronic

Station #4: Synergy Single-Position OLIF 360 Procedure
Faculty:  Dr. Adam Cabalo
Description:  The integration of enabling technologies such as 3D imaging and navigation can help surgeons visualize complex screw trajectories in lateral position.  Join Dr. Adam Cabalo as he demonstrates how to leverage these technologies to achieve circumferential fusion with OLIF and bilateral screw fixation without the need for patient repositioning.   
Sponsor:  Medtronic

Station 5:  Ahead Today, Advancing Tomorrow through Single Position Lateral Surgery with ExcelsiusGPS®
Faculty:  Todd J. Lansford, MD
Description:  Todd Lansford, MD from South Carolina Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center explores the clinical value ExcelsiusGPS® has brought to his practice by provide a comprehensive overview of the advantages of combining robotics with navigation to achieve success through a single lateral position.
Sponsor:  Globus Medical